Orientation and Employment

We connect companies or organisations that need to take on qualified staff with professionals who are looking for work and Alumni who want to change their career completely. We advise people with initiative and help them shape their ideas and make them grow. To this end, it is necessary to provide information on the current situation of the labour market, the professional opportunities for the different degrees, as well as the qualities and requirements needed to get a new job. In addition, it is important for you to know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, and to think about your professional goals, resources and needs. We want to help redirect and reactivate the working life of our Alumni!¡Queremos ayudar a reorientar y reactivar la vida laboral de nuestros Alumni!


Want to be part of New Direction?

At CEU Alumni we want to offer you the possibility of receiving training and orientation for job-hunting, through practical workshops with trainers specialised in career transition.

With the courses you take you will receive help to enhance your knowledge of yourself, your strengths and areas for improvement, to understand the job market and what companies demand, to master social networks for job-hunting, to strengthen your personal brand and to develop tools aimed at job-hunting.


Professional reactivation

Our Professional Reactivation Programme consists of a series of techniques and strategies, adaptable to each individual case, which enable the positive reorientation of people who have left a company, redefining their professional horizon and giving them an optimistic view of their own future.

Because we want to continue to support you throughout your professional life, we have created this Professional Reactivation Programme designed for those of you who are unemployed or undergoing a change of direction in your career.