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  • Job bank with more than 2,000 jobs thanks to our agreements with IBEX 35 companies.
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  • More than 200 training activities exclusively for you.
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At CEU Alumni we want you to continue belonging to this great community; thousands and thousands of people who have something in common: we have spent a few crucial years of our lives learning at a CEU school, or a CEU university or a CEU training centre. It was a time full of opportunities, difficulties, friends and, of course, exams. An unforgettable time. Now we want to offer you the chance to enjoy leisure activities, networking sessions, specialised courses, innovative experiences, charity initiatives and whatever else you wish to propose, with all the other alumni. What do you say?

Work and Entrepreneurship

We offer you a wide range of human and material resources to provide you with the skills, competences and knowledge to help you in your transition towards a new working challenge and professional activity through the option of entrepreneurship, with the aim of creating your own job: your company


To be successful in business, you need to build a strong network of contacts. We make it easy for you to meet other alumni, companies and organisations on a regular basis. You can attend work sessions, professional breakfasts, workshops, conferences and much more…

Continuous training

Courses that will help you update your knowledge in the professional field, responding to the needs and new trends in the labour market. We offer you a wide and attractive range of training courses in different sectors.

Be a Supportive Alumni

If you sign up as a Supportive Alumni you can make a difference in someone’s life. Your fee will be used for scholarships, volunteering programmes, international cooperation, initiatives for social change, etc.

Every connection we choose includes the word ‘feeling’.

By connecting with other people, we seek to unite minds with creative ideas and foresight. Connecting is the first step towards creating, seeking alternatives and developing new experiences that strengthen us as individuals. In difficult times, connecting with others and identifying strategies helps us reach more people and achieve goals together. Discover the importance of connecting thoughts, words and feelings at CEU Alumni.

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Our Offices


The San Pablo CEU Foundation was created with the intention of helping to improve society through the training provided at its educational centres, offering an educational model in accordance with Christian principles, and acting in defence of justice and human rights.

CEU Alumni Barcelona

At the CEU Alumni office of the CEU Abat Oliba University we are committed to academic and professional excellence, and to the comprehensive training of ALUMNI. We are aware that excellence in training and research represents a commitment to responsibility and an attitude of empathy towards others.

CEU Alumni Valencia

At the CEU Cardenal Herrera University we have campuses in Castellón, Elche and Alfara del Patriarca (Valencia). We have a primary goal: to train people who are valid at an intellectual, professional and human level and who know how to use their training to add value to society and help improve it.

CEU Alumni Madrid

At the CEU ALUMNI Association of the CEU San Pablo University, we believe that decisions should be made bearing in mind that they will shape the personal and professional future of the Alumni. We are confident that CEU life will lead us to travel new paths.