Volunteer Work

CEU Alumni offers the chance to participate in the volunteer initiatives that are brought to our attention by NGOs from all over Spain with whom we collaborate via the San Pablo CEU University Foundation. Every month new opportunities arise for you to offer your help to those who most need it by collaborating in different projects with your professional skills

We promote charity projects to change the world

Our aim is to promote and implement social actions in collaboration with the members of the educational community to help people in need, or in a situation of poverty or social marginalization. In addition, our aim is to make society aware of global problems.

At CEU Alumni we coordinate collaborative projects with developing countries, with both foreign and local aid campaigns, summer programmes, seminars and retreats for students.

National Volunteer Work

In Spain we need your help. There are all kinds of projects, including childcare, medical care, support for children with disabilities, mental health and psychology initiatives, and economic, environmental and social issues in the developing world.

International Volunteer Work

We believe that everyone, regardless of their background, can contribute valuable knowledge to people’s development. The large number of countries and projects we have participated in gives us a wide range of possibilities for collaboration and we can assure you that we will always be able to find a project where you can do your volunteer work.

Transforming reality

Doing volunteer work can change your view of the world, develop your potential and help you do things you never thought you were capable of. However, we must be careful not to create false expectations and be realistic about the goals we are hoping to achieve.

Learning for life

You will discover the crucial role that individual contribution plays in achieving lasting change. You will see that volunteer work abroad can be a safe and exciting adventure: the experience of a lifetime where you can learn about another culture while getting to know yourself better.

How are we changing the world?

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