The CEU is a non-profit, charitable, educational institution with more than 80 years’ experience in the field of teaching. As an institution, we are committed to the quality of training and research, but also to social responsibility, one of our major hallmarks.

SOS CEU – Volunteers for Cáritas

The CEU collaborates with the heart of the Church: Cáritas

The needs of society’s most vulnerable groups are increasing due to the emergency situation caused by the Coronavirus.

Because#WeAreInThisTogether, the whole CEU family, including staff and students, join forces to offer help to those who most need it.

  • Geographical area: National
  • Type of action: telephone volunteer work
  • Type of need: providing telephone support, through a toll-free call, to people who need company and assistance. A conversation routine will be established.
  • Geographical area:Madrid
  • Type of action: Volunteer work
  • Type of need:  Taking the necessary safety measures, providing home assistance to people who are alone or in a vulnerable situation during the Coronavirus crisis (shopping, delivering medicines, etc.)


How can you help?

Share your talent in the various activities we organise throughout the year at the different CEU centres. You can give Masterclasses, attend Open Days, as a sponsor for graduations and much more…

In order to continue with the work of CEU Alumni as a global group, we need to work together to obtain new financing mechanisms that will help promote some of our most groundbreaking projects.

At CEU Alumni, we want to make it possible for all people and organisations that wish to support these projects as an investment and a commitment to future change to contribute financially to the social goals pursued by our institution.

In order to help us achieve these goals, you can become a Supportive Alumni at any time. With your fee, you will help us continue with our volunteer work and international cooperation programmes (with more than 150 projects underway).

You can also make a voluntary contribution to help us achieve a great social impact.


Alumni & Friends Activities

Culture is a key element in transforming society. Knowledge, in its different fields, creates opportunities for economic, social and personal development. We need your help to continue promoting knowledge with our activities at CEU Alumni.


Scholarships and grants

Belonging to the Alumni group has many advantages, including the possibility of obtaining scholarships and grants. At CEU Alumni, we give priority to your training and professional career. On the other hand, if you are the one who wants to provide support, your contribution will help hundreds of students without resources to obtain financial assistance to continue their education.


Volunteer work

However small our actions, in one way or another we are making a difference to society. As volunteers, we are agents of social change. Do your bit to help us continue our work with those who most need it.


Research projects

Since its creation, the San Pablo CEU University Foundation has been committed to the promotion and development of research in Spain. Our annual offer of grants for scientific research has become a benchmark for researchers throughout the country..

The CEU is Spain’s largest private educational institution:






million Euro in scholarships and grants


volunteer actions

Did you know that we cover all levels of education from Infant School to University for the Elderly and we are the first private university in Spain to award scholarships?

What project do we allocate your contribution to?

Choose a project you’d like to collaborate with! Your help along with that of other individuals and institutions that support us financially each year make it possible for us to continue the projects we have underway. If you have decided to collaborate with any of our initiatives, you can allocate your contribution to any of the following projects:

We believe in the importance of research


researchers in Spain


research projects a year


Euro invested in research

Want to help us with our research projects?