Your time spent in the classrooms of the CEU left its mark on your personality, on the way you work, on your feelings of empathy towards others and towards the society we live in. At CEU you acquired the basis to start your career. It was the first step towards transforming society and carrying the CEU brand with pride.


What does the programme consist of?

With this philosophy, at CEU Alumni we want to offer you the possibility of becoming an active part of our institution again and receiving advice in the development of your career. Mentoring is the process by which one person with more experience (the mentor) guides and helps another (the mentee) in their professional and personal development through the transmission of knowledge and experiences acquired throughout their career.

Programme objectives

  • To speed up the process of personal and professional development of the mentee with the support of a more experienced person.
  • To share knowledge and skills through practice.
  • To develop tools and resources to improve the change management process.
  • To create valuable links between mentors and mentees, so that they can reinforce their personal and professional growth and achieve their goals.
  • To promote talent.
  • A mentor (a senior CEU Alumni) will help you, transmitting his or her knowledge, high professional level and experience and promoting your talent at the beginning of your career.

Benefits of the programme

For the mentor:

  • Transmitting professional experience, advising and contributing to the development of their mentee.
  • Enhancing skills and abilities such as leadership, empathy, active listening, motivation, etc.
  • Increasing the professional spectrum of their mentee in the areas of their professional activity.
  • Creating links between mentor and mentee, which allow them to expand their network of contacts.

For the mentee:

  • Learning and improving their skills by developing their talent.
  • Increased motivation to achieve the proposed objectives.
  • Having a person of trust who allows them to discuss issues and learn from the experiences of others.
  • Creation of emotional bonds between mentee and mentor, who will offer their resources to help you.

Want to be a mentor?

Mentors are CEU Alumni who want to share their personal and professional experiences in an altruistic way. If you are interested in people’s development, if you know how to listen and are observant, if you are willing to question and challenge the mentee, if you are able to share knowledge and experiences…

Never underestimate the value of what you can offer as a mentor: /a: an experience that is also enriching for you, since you discover new perspectives and fresh approaches from the young.


Want to be a Mentee?

Mentees are people who seek to learn and grow in their career with the support and advice of a mentor. They are the people who activate and initiate the mentoring process and look for mentors with experience in their areas of interest, either by sector, functional area, type of experience, geographical area or type of business.

If you are interested, have less than three years’ professional experience or are in the final year of your degree, all you have to do is register with CEU Alumni and take advantage of the benefits offered by the Mentoring programme.