What is the methodology of our training programmes?

The methodology of the training we provide at the CEU is primarily practical.
We believe that education, especially if it is aimed at professionals with extensive work experience, must focus on real cases in order to enhance learning. Our teachers are active professionals with a long career. The training culture we seek to convey to our students and alumni is linked to the process of cultural transformation and all it entails.



Innovation is one of the cornerstones of CEU Alumni, which introduces a new way of understanding teaching through the use of new technologies and the integration of social media into learning. During the training programmes, we will use state-of-the-art techniques to encourage study, competitiveness and collaboration between students and teachers, all in a combined online and classroom setting where interactivity is a key factor.

Learning adapted to today’s society

At CEU Alumni, learning is adapted to today’s society, whose main feature is the speed of change. Things are no longer as they used to be and products, business models, trends and knowledge are advancing as never before. Therefore, we need a new way of doing things, where skills take precedence over competences.

We believe in a model that helps the student survive in this context and we turn change into an opportunity rather than a threat. For this reason, our methodology is based on participation, debate and learning by solving problems in the most practical possible manner, in a personalised way that adapts to the different capacities and levels of each student.

Aprendizaje adaptado
Futuro para nuestro Alumni CEU

The future for our CEU Alumni

We seek the best for our CEU Alumni in the future, by training them, through a systematic, innovative and personalised educational model, to be people with sound scientific and cultural knowledge, with the appropriate cross-disciplinary skills to adapt to the changes and challenges of society and with the ability to develop their life projects.

We believe that excellence, from both an academic and a human point of view, is essential in order to work responsibly and to our maximum potential, and to become a benchmark in teaching and research.

Our model is based on:

Learning by doing

Learning by doing, practicing and understanding why you have to act in a specific way in each situation.

Knowledge for the real world

Our syllabuses are of a distinctly practical nature, with real examples and additional tools and resources.


You will respond in a forum, where you will share your answer with your classmates and discuss the solution with them, because there isn’t always just one solution.


In some programmes, there will be live connections so that our teachers can give live classes.

Classroom Training

Enjoy a life-changing experience, develop your capacity for innovation with our classroom training and enhance your skills at creating solutions in an increasingly globalised society.


Executive training

En At CEU IAM Business School we offer Alumni programmes linked to different important areas and sectors, aligned with the latest trends in management, forward-looking and with a global focus.

We have highly valid, qualified and experienced teachers who enjoy their teaching profession and will make this executive training an invaluable investment in your future career. Our Alumni form a robust collaborative network of leaders in their respective fields.


Masters and Postgraduate Courses

At CEU ALUMNI we believe that growth as a professional is a lifelong process. Therefore, we offer you student grants so that you can study your doctorate and postgraduate courses with the best advantages, such as payment flexibility, grants for simultaneous studies and discounts for being a CEU Alumni, so you can grow professionally within the welcoming atmosphere of the institution.

Másteres y Posgrado
Investigación y Doctorado

Research and Doctorate

We currently promote research with more than 180 projects a year. Our commitment to discovery, innovation and creation is what drives us at our CEU International School of Doctoral Studies (CEINDO). CEINDO’s teaching project is aimed at forming a large group of researchers specialised in the School’ s various programmes.

Its immediate objective is to establish a network of researchers with an international scope. We promote inter-university doctoral programmes and collaboration with the most prestigious university institutions so that our doctors can participate in the most important European and international research projects.

What advantages do we offer at CEU Alumni?

Free registration in our Masterclasses
Up to 20% discount on training for CEU Alumni
Networking events with large companies
E-learning for learning from home

Want to have access to our training?

Join CEU Alumni now and discover the goals you want to achieve to make you feel proud and fulfilled.

CEU e-learning

Learn about our CEU e-learning training based on academic excellence, innovation and professional ethics.

E-learning is the future

E-learning is one of the solutions that best suits the training needs of professionals in the 21st century: you can study when and where you want at any time, in a unique educational experience. The added value of this type of training is the convenience and the possibility of combining your studies with work and family life.

If you are wondering how you can study online, what this methodology consists of or what advantages it offers compared to the traditional classroom-based methodology, we will tell you everything you need to know to train remotely and why you should choose this option. Want to know about online methodology, learning resources and tools, the concept of the digital teacher, the assessment system and the possible ways to take exams?

Formación e-learning

We offer more than 200 training activities a year in collaboration with our 25 teaching centres in 11 cities, with more than 30,000 students and around 200 official qualifications. Your continuous development is very important to us. Therefore, at CEU Alumni, we offer you a wide range of courses and conferences to which you can sign up. Remember to check the Events Calendar to know the next sessions.